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Capital Casino Rentals
Rental Equipment and Services Provided

What Casino Rental Equipment do we have to offer?

  • Black Jack
    We have over 40 black jack tables available.  Each table comes complete with seating for 7 customers.  The tables include professional cloth imported from Vegas to offer an authentic casino look and feel.  We provide four decks of our own corporate cards and professional shoes.  Chip trays, our own patented chips (charity events) or colored playing chips (fun events), and discard holders are all standard equipment when renting a Capital Casino Rentals Black Jack table.

  • Wheels of Fortune
    We offer a variety of wheels to rent.  These include: Crown and Anchor, Money, and Seven-Over and Under.  All wheels are 4 feet in diameter with polished metal stands.  The rental also includes two - eight foot long lay-downs with stands that accommodate large numbers of customers.  Chip trays and chips are also included.

  • Craps
    Our inventory includes 8 and 10 foot authentic craps tables complete with stands and professional dice.  The tables include professional cloth imported from Vegas to offer an authentic casino look and feel.  Each table accommodates up to 10 players.

  • Roulette
    Roulette Wheels/tables are available for rental. We have two full size roulette wheels and one smaller version. The tables include cloth imported from Las Vegas.  Colored chips are also provided for that real-time excitement.

  • Poker
    We have “Texas Hold’em” Poker tables in service.  Each table is 10 feet by four feet and can accommodate up to 10 players and a dealer.  Along with the table and stand, we supply chips, chip trays, cards, buttons (Dealer, Big Blind, Small Blind) and comfortable chairs.

  • Slot Machines
    These genuine machines are the latest additions to our inventory.  They have the look, sound, and feel of “Las Vegas” style slots.  The rental also includes custom stands, coins and seating.

How does it get set up and taken down?
We deliver the casino equipment to your site.  We unload the equipment and perform a complete set up to your specifications in terms of layout.  At the completion of the event we pick up the equipment and truck everything away.

Who works the casino?
We will train people from your organization at no charge in all aspects of running a successful casino event. 

***We can arrange for dealers/pit-boss at fun events.